The Brandeis Korean Course and Language Initiative

is a collection of students who aim to enhance the Korean learning experience in the Brandeis community by promoting the Korean language and courses within the university. In addition, the club also facilitates the Korean Language Table (KLT), a Korean tutoring program, comprised of 20 tutors and 40 students. BKCLI strives to advocate the necessity of Korean as the third East Asian language, alongside Chinese and Japanese, in an era where Korea has established itself as a major economic powerhouse and a deep cultural influence within the United States.


BKCLI was established in fall 2011, by Danny Donghyun Lee ’12 and officially became a chartered club by the end of the 2011-2 school year. Even before becoming chartered, BKCLI met weekly throughout the 2011-2012 school year and organized meetings with Faculty and Administration to further our goal.  Founding members of the club started making connections with faculty and students who are also interested in seeing Korean as the third East Asian language here at Brandeis University and gleaned advice of professors, as well as Dean of Arts and Sciences, Elaine Wong.  Additionally BKCLI  initiated alumni contact list to seek advice and help.

BKCLI so far

After becoming a chartered club, the club members continued to maintain connections with faculty, staff, and alumni and raise awareness of Korean language among students through events such as Korean movie night.  Additionally, BKCLI took over the KLT program from BKSA (Brandeis Korean Student Association). The Korean Language Table branch that initially offered Korean tutoring to 22 Brandeis students with the help of 8 tutors expanded to help over 40 students with 20 tutors.  Members push for external financing from several groups including Korea Foundation with the support of Professor Andrew Koh.

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