At Thursday, September 11th, BKCLI held the first event: KLT KICKOFF. We introduced our new e-board members of BKCLI this year to everyone and recruited potential tutors and tutees for our KLT program. Not only that but also, we introduced what BKCLI is aiming for – to implement Korean Language class into Brandeis. Together, we enjoyed our time talking to each other while eating Ddukbokki, a Korean snack food made from rice cake and sweet chili sauce. Tutors and Tutees then were assigned to each other after the event and announced for their fresh start!



KLT Comeback!

We’re restarting the KLT program!

At the event, the tutors and tutees reunited after winter break to start their tutoring sessions again. For the new tutees, we reintroduced BKCLI and got a great response from the midyear class of 2017. Many midyears are interested in the KLT program and met their tutors for the first time at the event. We didn’t really have an activity, but just had everyone mingle with, not only their own tutors/tutees, but also other people who share the same interest in Korean language. Our club also celebrated Lunar New Year by serving traditional bowls of savory warm broth with sliced rice cakes and dumplings in it. These dishes are called duk mandoo gook or 떡만두국. Hopefully, the tutees and the tutors will gain a lot of experiences with Korean this year!


BKCLI Movie Night

BKCLI Movie Night!

Many students were busy studying for exams, but still made the effort to show up to our  last event of the semester. We served yummy Bonchon chicken and showed the movie The Thieves or 도덕들. This movie featured not only Korea’s beautiful Seoul skyline, but how well Korea can unite other parts of Asia. Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English-speaking actors gathered with a single goal; to create this globally popular, award winning film. While the movie contained English subs, this movie reminded our members about the benefits of learning the Korean language.

BKCLI’s 2nd Annual Banquet

BKCLI held its 2nd Annual Banquet and it was successful!

Many members of the KLT program, faculty and administration were present at the banquet when we got to introduce and thank the people who were such a big help in creating Korean courses at Brandeis. Professors from Brandeis and Harvard gave speeches about the importance of Korean language. While enjoying the delicious home cooked Korean food, we got to enjoy the video that our club created for this event. The video will be linked below, so feel free to watch. Thank you for helping us celebrate the progress we have had with our goals, and to find out what more needs to be done to promote Korean as an official language at Brandeis.


BKCLI is in the news!

BKCLI’s efforts have been noticed throughout the community!

On October 28, our very own publicity chair, Sejun Lee wrote about the popularity of KOR 10a among Brandeis students. He also talks about BKCLI’s current programs like the Korean Language Table and its future goals in making Korean language classes more available on Brandeis. Read more about it here.  http://www.brandeis.edu/now/2013/october/kpop.html.

Three days later, the article caught the eyes of Boston.com. They published Sejun’s article on the site here.  http://www.boston.com/yourcampus/news/brandeis/2013/10/psy_credited_for_heavy_interest_in_brandeis_first-ever_korean_language_class.html.

We got an article in the Korean news as well! Korea News 1 wrote about Brandeis and its growing interest in Korean. While we are thankful for the publicity, there were some changes to what Sejun originally said in his article. For instance, the article gives too much credit to Psy’s popularity with Americans. BKCLI’s members interest in Korean language and the administration who helped BKCLI establish KOR 10a deserve most of the credit. The article is in Korean, but if you can read it here is the link: http://news1.kr/articles/1389065.

Thankfully, we were given a chance to clarify this when our own president Ku was interviewed for an article. He acknowledges that K-pop culture is a big part of this, but a lot of members see more value in learning Korean besides understanding the pop culture aspects of Korea. http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2013/11/11/psy-draws-crowd-classroom

BKCLI Noodle Challenge!

BKCLI held an event for all noodle lovers called the BKCLI Noodle Challenge! We divided everyone into 4 teams: Team Squash, Team Onion, Team Beefy, and Team Kimchi to play a Korean language and culture jeopardy. The winning team would be served our KLT Coordinator Youngtae’s delicious 멸치국수 (myulchi gooksoo), which are noodles in a dried anchovy broth. When everyone was finished eating, we held another game of jeopardy, except less team based. Individual winners were guaranteed Bonchon chicken first in our next event. Overall, the members  had fun competing and learning about Korean culture and language. bkcli noodle challenge 1bkcli noodle challenge2bkcli noodle challenge 3bkcli noodle challenge 5bkcli noodle challenge 6bkcli noodle challenge 7bkcli noodle challenge 8bkcli noodle challenge 4

KLT Kickoff!

After reviewing the tutor/tutee signups from the information night, we assigned each tutee their own KLT tutor. The KLT tutors and tutees were introduced to each other for the first time at the KLT kickoff! We also formally introduced the BKCLI e-board members to the whole club through the video linked below. While munching shrimp chips and drinking banana milk boxes or yogurt drinks, we tried to find our own tutor or tutee by introducing ourselves to everyone. We met many different people this way. To help us further break the ice, we decided the best way was to play musical chairs to k-pop music. The tutors and tutees cheered each other on as they scrambled for a chair to sit in.

klt kickoff bkcli picture 2 klt kickoff bkcli picture