KLT Comeback!

We’re restarting the KLT program!

At the event, the tutors and tutees reunited after winter break to start their tutoring sessions again. For the new tutees, we reintroduced BKCLI and got a great response from the midyear class of 2017. Many midyears are interested in the KLT program and met their tutors for the first time at the event. We didn’t really have an activity, but just had everyone mingle with, not only their own tutors/tutees, but also other people who share the same interest in Korean language. Our club also celebrated Lunar New Year by serving traditional bowls of savory warm broth with sliced rice cakes and dumplings in it. These dishes are called duk mandoo gook or 떡만두국. Hopefully, the tutees and the tutors will gain a lot of experiences with Korean this year!