BKCLI is in the news!

BKCLI’s efforts have been noticed throughout the community!

On October 28, our very own publicity chair, Sejun Lee wrote about the popularity of KOR 10a among Brandeis students. He also talks about BKCLI’s current programs like the Korean Language Table and its future goals in making Korean language classes more available on Brandeis. Read more about it here.  http://www.brandeis.edu/now/2013/october/kpop.html.

Three days later, the article caught the eyes of Boston.com. They published Sejun’s article on the site here.  http://www.boston.com/yourcampus/news/brandeis/2013/10/psy_credited_for_heavy_interest_in_brandeis_first-ever_korean_language_class.html.

We got an article in the Korean news as well! Korea News 1 wrote about Brandeis and its growing interest in Korean. While we are thankful for the publicity, there were some changes to what Sejun originally said in his article. For instance, the article gives too much credit to Psy’s popularity with Americans. BKCLI’s members interest in Korean language and the administration who helped BKCLI establish KOR 10a deserve most of the credit. The article is in Korean, but if you can read it here is the link: http://news1.kr/articles/1389065.

Thankfully, we were given a chance to clarify this when our own president Ku was interviewed for an article. He acknowledges that K-pop culture is a big part of this, but a lot of members see more value in learning Korean besides understanding the pop culture aspects of Korea. http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2013/11/11/psy-draws-crowd-classroom