BKCLI Coffee Break/General Meeting~

On September 19th, BKCLI held an event where we would introduce ourselves to Brandeis and recruit potential tutors and tutees for our KLT program. We showed a video created by our own e-board members to display the appeal of learning Korean. After that, we talked to many returning and new members about the KLT program, the club’s new goals and KOR 10a while drinking hot Dunkin Donuts coffee and eating sweet Korean pastries.


KOR 10a at Brandeis!

After lots of hard work through our BKCLI members, we are proud to present Beginning Korean class at Brandeis! We were able to secure a grant through the Korea Foundation and hire graduate student Sung-Chul Hong as the professor of KOR 10A. The class was so in demand, that many people are enrolling from the demand list. Since, all the students have had prior experiences with Korean through k-pop and k-dramas, the class is not seen as too difficult for many students. In fact, the students are enjoying meeting others who share the same passion for learning the language and the culture. kor 10a bkcli picture 6 kor 10a bkcli pictures kor 10a bkcli picture 5 kor 10a bkcli picture 4 kor 10a bkcli picture 2

Panel Discussion

On April 25, 2013 BKCLI held a Panel Discussion in Sherman Function Hall. BKCLI invited two professors from neighboring colleges to share their experience in developing Korean language courses at their respective schools. The event featured Professor Suk Massey from Smith College and Professor Sun-Hee Lee from Wellesley College. BKCLI, faculty, administration, and students had the opportunity to ask questions and glean advice from our guests. Both professors had great insight to share including how to garner interest in Korean not only through its language, but also through aspects of Korean culture. 20130425_132442


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BKCLI’s Trip to Myungdong

BKCLI’s Spring 2013 MyungDong event is modeled after South Korea’s MyungDong food culture. Imitating the street venders in MyungDong, BKCLI distributed pamphlets with printed Korean Won for students to interactively “purchase” food. KLT tutees used Korean phrases, such as “How much is this?”, that they learned in the KLT Program. Chicken kebabs (dakk-gochi), spicy rice cakes (dukkboki), korean dumplings (mandoo) and the korean desserts, shaved ice with red bean (pat bing soo) and sweet cakes (hott-dukk) were served.

Great News!

Brandeis Korean Courses and Language Initiative (BKCLI) is proud to announce that our program has been selected for the KF-AATK Graduate TA Fellowship Grant for 2013-14. Our program was awarded with $12,000 for the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 semesters. This fantastic opportunity has motivated BKCLI and supporting administration to make this one of the best learning experiences for our students and to build a strong foundation for a future program. This represents a major milestone in our endeavor to develop a Korean language studies program.
KOR10a (Beginning Korean) will be offered Fall 2013 and will feature intensive training in basic Korean grammar, listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. Students acquire Korean language proficiency through various interactive classroom activities. The course is intended for students with little or no previous knowledge of Korean. 
KOR20a (Information TBA)

BKCLI: In Other News

  • BKCLI has made an appearance in BrandeisNOW! One of KLT’s own tuturs, SeJun Lee, has written an informative article explaining how BKCLI is trying to bring Korean as a language at Brandeis. He covered the mock trials for the potential 2013 summer heritage course (KOR29a) as well as a few words from Professor Chaeran Freeze, Professor Theodore Yoo (a professor at the University of Hawaii) and BKCLI’s President, Ku Jung.

The link provided will direct you to SeJun’s article on BrandeisNOW: http://www.brandeis.com/now/2013/march/korean.html

  • The class Pathways for Korean Literacy, KOR29a, has been added to the Summer 2013 course offerings. It will be taught by Instructor Hee-Jeong Jeong in Summer Session 1, and will be a 4 credit course, fulfilling the foreign language requirement at Brandeis University.

The link provided will direct you to the Brandeis Course Offerings for KOR29a: http://www.brandeis.edu/summer/courses/offerings.php?sessionid=0&programid=74

Mock Korean Classes at Brandeis

In Spring 2013, BKCLI had the opportunity to hold two mock Korean language classes in order to assess the possibility of adding the Korean language to the Brandeis curriculum. Those interested in having Korean as a language offered on campus were invited to attend the mock classes, taught on two separate occasions by Professor Hee-Jeong Jeong and Hyunju Ha, respectively.

Professor Hee-Jeong, a professor at language professor at Hardvard University, taught an  intermediate Korean language class.

Professor Hee-Jeong, a  language professor at Harvard University, teaches an intermediate Korean language class.

Ms. Hyunju Ha, a language professor at Harvard University, taught students beginner Korean.

Ms. Hyunju Ha, a language professor at Harvard University, teaches students beginner Korean.