BKCLI Noodle Challenge!

BKCLI held an event for all noodle lovers called the BKCLI Noodle Challenge! We divided everyone into 4 teams: Team Squash, Team Onion, Team Beefy, and Team Kimchi to play a Korean language and culture jeopardy. The winning team would be served our KLT Coordinator Youngtae’s delicious 멸치국수 (myulchi gooksoo), which are noodles in a dried anchovy broth. When everyone was finished eating, we held another game of jeopardy, except less team based. Individual winners were guaranteed Bonchon chicken first in our next event. Overall, the members  had fun competing and learning about Korean culture and language. bkcli noodle challenge 1bkcli noodle challenge2bkcli noodle challenge 3bkcli noodle challenge 5bkcli noodle challenge 6bkcli noodle challenge 7bkcli noodle challenge 8bkcli noodle challenge 4